Frequently Asked Questions


Below are some questions we get asked the most about being a caregiver with ARIS at home.

How does the pay period work?

Our pay period begins on Sunday morning at 12:00 am and goes until Saturday night at 11:59 pm.

Will I work as a CNA with ARIS at home?

ARIS at home really values caregivers who have their CNA certification, but we are a non-medical in home care provider and do not have provide medical care. When you work with an ARIS client, your job title is either a Homemaker/Companion or a Personal Care Attendant (PCA). 

Does my time with ARIS at home count toward my CNA recertification?

Unfortunately no it does not. Our non-medical care license does not allow us to classify our services as medical, so you are not working under the direction of a nurse. Please review the states guidelines to make sure you are in compliance for recertification. 

How frequent do employees get paid? 

All ARIS employees are paid on a weekly basis. If you opt to receive a direct deposit, your pay will be deposited by Friday every week. If you opt to receive a check instead, pay could take a bit longer due to mail times in the area. I would highly recommend direct deposit!

Do you know someone that has the experience and compassion to care for a ARIS client? If so, refer them and get a bonus!