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Welcome To

Welcome to the ARIS at home Mobile Daily Care Note. This is a mobile website you can log in to from your phone, fill out your daily care note, and submitted directly to the office electronically.


Please scroll through this entire tutorial. This note is exactly like the one your usually fill out on paper in the home so you should have no issues, but if you have any questions please contact the office at 708-934-4676. We will be happy to help you!

  • To Start - go to and login. Use your ClearCareGo App Username & use the password given to you by the ARIS at home office staff. (Note: Your password may be different from your ClearCareGo App password)

  • Please bookmark this page so you can access it frequently

  • Touch the New Note Button to begin!

  • Touching the line under the field lets you input the information for that field. 

  • All your clients will be listed in a drop down for you to choose from.

  • Choose the correct client for the shift you are working.

  • The drop down view will vary on what type of smartphone you have.

  • Your Name, Date and Clock In & Out Times are required. You will not be able to submit your note unless these are correct.

  • Input the correct date - Put in the date you STARTED your shift. For overnight caregivers this is very important.

  • Arrival and Departure time must be exact. They must match your clock in/out on your ClearCareGo App. 

  • Take your time - These fields are important and will determine how you are paid. Make sure you are inputting the correct information!

  • Just like the paper version, there are boxes you need to fill out for each type of care we provide.

  • As you scroll through your note, stop at each box and complete all areas of care you have performed during your shift.

  • If There Is More Detail Needed - use the Notes section at the bottom of each box to add those details.

  • Take your time - These fields are important and provide crucial information to the office staff and family members.

  • Don't Forget to fill out the Summary Section - This section is for the caregiver to briefly describe the emotional interaction with a client. Answer the questions "How was the client feeling?" and "How did the client interact with you?"

  • Signatures - New to the care note is that the caregiver is required to sign their Daily Care Note. Signing for the client is Optional

  • Use Your Finger, or a stylus to sign within the box

  • Submit Date - This date tell ARIS when you submitted your note. You cannot change this date. It will not let you.


  • Review Your Note - We would recommend you scroll up and review all the information you have inputted into the note and make sure everything is filled in properly before you hit submit. 

  • Once you are confident all is correct, hit that Submit Button and you are done!

  • Keep scrolling down..... There is more.


  • After You Hit The Submit Button - If all fields were correctly filled out, you will see this message telling you the note has been submitted. I know there is a misspelling, we are working on it =) 

  • If you do not see this message then there is something not entered correctly. Keep scrolling down..... we will explain.


  • If you do not see the submit message - Scroll back to the top of the Daily Care Note and look for these fields to see if they are RED. If any are RED fill them in with the correct information

  • Scroll back down to the bottom of the Daily Care Note and look to see if the Caregiver Signature Field is blank and showing RED. If so, sign your name in the box.

  • Once you have fixed all the RED fields - Hit the Submit Button one more time. You should get the message telling you your note has been submitted.


​Thank you for learning about how to use!


We hope this online note will make it easier for you to complete your notes in a timely fashion. We are always looking for ways to help our caregivers succeed.


Have a great day and Thank You For What You Do!

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